Dog dishes in all the different colors

The dog dish is a block used for feeding dogs, so that they can regenerate health. It can be dyed in several colors, currently only for design purposes how to craft a dog bowl on Minecraft Xbox 360 edition


The dog dish can be filled with meat after it's been placed by right-clicking it with a raw beef, raw porkchop or a raw chicken.

The dog dise can store a limited amount of food. The amount of food stored in a dish is termined by a value. This value can not exceed 30. When adding meat to the dog dish the food value increases by differential amounts depending on the food:


Raw beef 10
Raw pork 10
Raw chicken 5

A dog will only eat food if the value is equal or higher than the dogs currently missing health. The dog gets healed the exact amount it eats. Since a dogs max health is 15, a dog dish can fully heal two dogs.


a dog dish is crafted using a empty bucket and 8 iron, meaning that you need a total of 11 iron to craft a dog dish.

Dog dish crafting

you need a dog dish to feed dogs

After it's been crafted you can color it by combining it with any color in any shape.